What is test booster

Just started this yesterday. I am using it as a recovery from a cycle. it has been 2 weeks since my last dose. The first day was very good I took it at 8 am 2 pills. then 30 minutes before i worked out at 5:00. Remember this is a test booster. It isn't actual test. My first thought was i was very level all day. Kept my energy up. I wouldn't say it gave me more energy but i didn't miss a beat. Workout- i dont take anything thing for working out. Took it 30 min before the gym. I felt that i was able to stay engaged in my work out. It didn't make me want to kill the weights but it helped me stay focused and balanced. I do recommend this product to you only if you can understand that it isn't going to just make you feel like you can kick the worlds *** with it . It is to help free test in your body. You want to feel like that, take a shot of pre work out mixed with redbull. I am going to document my entire experience with this and send it to and Primavie

Testogen is a masterpiece, manufactured by Advanced Health Limited. And why this product is so reliable and announced as the best testosterone booster in 2017 – Advanced Health Limited is a company who sponsors and got in their team professional athletes and bodybuilders. And if out there are many manufacturers, but these athletes and bodybuilders choose Testogen upon all the other products and manufacturers – that already says something, right?! The reason why Advance Health Limited came up with such a great product is years of researching and testing. Their clean and controlled facilities are using newest technologies. In their team are working experienced specialists, bodybuilders, physicians and nutritionists.

What is test booster

what is test booster


what is test boosterwhat is test boosterwhat is test boosterwhat is test boosterwhat is test booster