Testrone pills

My husband has been taking Zoloft for 4 months. At first he started behaving strangely after 2 weeks, Ingorning my phone calls, being very distant and wanting to be alone. The Dr. said that he just needed time for the drug to get into his system. Now after 4 months, I never kniw who is coming home. One week he is affectionate(although no interest in sex) and then next week, he is hateful and starts arguements. He goes off to be alone and ignores our children. His friends notice this so it is just not me. He likes the drug, because it makes him feel less tense at work. I am wondering why he is on this pill and not just a nerve pill??! I hate this drug and what it is doing to our marriage. I feel I may be divorced becaause of this drug..yet he takes it like gold. Anyone feel like this or has a sopouse taking this?

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Testrone pills

testrone pills


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