Signs you have low testosterone

I’m 61 years old and have never had a migraine or seen light flashes, though I have had floaters in my eyes periodically for many years. Two nights ago I started seeing flashes of light in my right eye followed immediately be a new and very big floater. I knew I should go see an ophthalmologist asap. Then in the middle of the night I was awakened by the worst headache I’d ever experienced, and it didn’t respond to ibuprofen. About an hour later, I developed persistent nausea and vomiting, even though my stomach was empty. First thing in the morning I called my doctor’s office and was advised to go to the ER to get a CT scan and rule out a neurological cause. Though the headache, which was centered above my right eye, and nausea persisted, the CT scan showed nothing unusual, and the subsequent eye exam also showed no retinal damage. In the ER I was treated with anti-nausea drugs, which worked. The only analgesics I can tolerate are nonsteroidal. I was given a shot, but the headache lasted most of the rest of the day. I just read that it takes at least 2 episodes to diagnose retinal migraine. I hope I don’t get a second one. But if I do, I now have antiinausea meds and potent analgesics that I can take myself. Incidentally, the light flashes have not stopped.

Offering helps to cope with stress is like offering an junk food addict cholesterol medication but not removing the junk food from the diet.
The problem is not workers pushing themselves too hard but the system pushing them too hard whilst pretending to be responsible for legal reasons, artificially showing duty and care by telling their workers to have a life outside of work.
The system is sick at its core. It's philosophy and ideology is materialist in theory and socialist in practice.
Most business management gurus are deep into mysticism and socialist beliefs. Both go hand in hand.
It's the philosophy of "human resources" that makes mere material out of a man or woman.
What you do with a resource is mine it till you exhaust the mine, abandon the mine and move on to a more resourceful human.
The purpose of the system is burn out.
To suggest methods to attenuate that designed outcome is sheer denial of the facts and reality of our decaying sick society.

Signs you have low testosterone

signs you have low testosterone


signs you have low testosteronesigns you have low testosteronesigns you have low testosteronesigns you have low testosteronesigns you have low testosterone