Side effects of testosterone shot

The few times I tried to have two shakes a day I got sick. I could literally feel my insides working overtime and it made me run to the bathroom a lot and I felt weak and uncomfortable and nauseas. This is when I started to just do one shake a day and the two weeks I was doing this I felt the runs often and I was getting headaches, on the verge of migraines, every single day. When I wasn’t dealing with a headache I felt a headache coming. It was constant. I also had a very dry mouth and I was constantly drinking water. When I wasn’t drinking water I felt nauseas from how dry my mouth was. It wasn’t until I bought the protein bars and immediately got a headache that I put two and two together.

I think it is great people are concerned about such things, what I don’t get is if so many people are concerned, why they cannot donate to third party research to verify testing results and safety instead of throwing out more garble that just confuses the subject. Your article was great retoric, but has no substantial value, no supporting data, no specifics indicating who or when anything was deemed safe. Componds broken down are always poisonous. Chlorine has several forms, table salt is made up of two substances that can kill you and itself is dangerous, but also required for life. Water kills more people than most substances, yet no one complains about water. I believe articles like these are the reason we live in an uneducated/mock educated society where we blindly follow sci-fi beliefs instead of seeking scientific evidence.

Side effects of testosterone shot

side effects of testosterone shot


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