Naturally raise testosterone levels

I’ve been following Matt’s suggestions for over a year now and I will say in the matter of body type, I have definitely gotten more hourglass shaped. This is with sodas, and ice cream, and bakery bagels, etc. after 2 years plus of low-carb that worsened my ’s how I noticed. When I tried on clothes during low-carbing, I’d fit into a size 4 easily, but there would always be an issue of ‘muffin top.’ Now, I’m fitting appropriately into a size 10, with no overhang whatsoever. I guess there was a stress belly when I was low carbing andnow things are on their way to looking and feeling better. The curves I’ve gotten are without cellulite. I will say I would like to get the belly a little further down, but as noted above, now is when I’m finally feeling the desire to ‘spot’ exercise, walk, and do yoga (was a near pro) so hopefully that’s in the picture soon. Thanks Anne Marie for sticking with Matt when you saw what worked for you.

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Naturally raise testosterone levels

naturally raise testosterone levels


naturally raise testosterone levelsnaturally raise testosterone levelsnaturally raise testosterone levelsnaturally raise testosterone levelsnaturally raise testosterone levels