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The past 30 years has seen an extraordinary increase in consumer demand for safe, effective and cost-effective natural health care. Naturopathic medicine has emerged as the health-care profession best suited to meet this demand. Although it almost disappeared in the mid-twentieth century because of the popularity of drugs and surgery, naturopathic medicine now offers safe, effective natural therapies as a vital part of the health-care systems of North America in the twenty-first century.

Naturopathic physicians are trained in the art and science of natural health care at accredited medical colleges. Integrative partnerships between conventional medical doctors and licensed NDs are becoming more available. This cooperation makes more effective therapies available to consumers. It increases patient satisfaction in their relationships with their care providers. More people are recovering their health by adding naturopathic medicine to their health-care options.

The particular modalities used by a naturopath vary with training and scope of practice. These may include herbalism , homeopathy , [39] acupuncture , nature cures, physical medicine , applied kinesiology , [46] colonic enemas , [12] [40] chelation therapy , [11] color therapy , [46] cranial osteopathy , hair analysis , iridology , [46] live blood analysis , ozone therapy , [10] psychotherapy , public health measures and hygiene , [44] reflexology , [46] rolfing , [29] massage therapy , and traditional Chinese medicine . Nature cures include a range of therapies based on exposure to natural elements such as sunshine , fresh air, or heat or cold, as well as nutrition advice such as following a vegetarian and whole food diet, fasting , or abstention from alcohol and sugar . [47] Physical medicine includes naturopathic, osseous, or soft tissue manipulative therapy , sports medicine , exercise , and hydrotherapy . Psychological counseling includes meditation , relaxation , and other methods of stress management . [47]

Natural medicine to increase testosterone

natural medicine to increase testosterone


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