Hcg results for men

Dr. Simeons found that the body has a tendency to create immunity to HCG.  Therefore, staying on the diet for longer than a total of 45 injections is not advised.  You must take at least a 6-week break before you start the injections and protocol of the diet again.  This is important, as once your body starts to develop immunity to HCG, you will no longer be burning abnormal fat reserves and the body will begin to burn structural fat and muscle.  You will know when the immunity sets in as you will be unnaturally hungry again and the 500 calorie diet will not be sustainable.

I’ve been using and coaching the hCG protocol since 2010, and am myself an hCG diet loser (winner!) since January, 20. I make no claims as a medical professional; I’m also a research-oriented person who has figured out a lot of answers to my own questions on the hCG diet, and gathered that information and tested it. I have incorporated this protocol into my coaching practice, because I’ve seen not only how well it works to help people lose weight and keep it it off, but that it is a marvelous journey of self-discovery which will change your life *FOREVER*.

Hcg results for men

hcg results for men


hcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for men