Equipoise and cardio

Equipoise has a very versatile function as a steroid. It can be used for bulking up or building muscles. If it is taken with a more potent bulking up steroid, such as in combination with Anadrol (oxymetholone) or Sustanon which is an injectable anabolic steroid, boldenone can eliminate the side effects of using androgen of higher doses and can expedite the bulking of the muscles. It can also lead to an increase in strength as well as supplementing the increase of the body weight with vascularity, or the strength of cardiovascular portion of the human body.
Equipoise can also be used as a cutting steroid. Cutting steroids are used when users are in between cycles of steroid usage, or when they want to maintain the gain they had each time they stop for training in one cycle. It can be used as a stack in addition to Winstrol or other androgens like Halotestin or Proviron. This practice is not followed in the present. The resulting estrogenic characteristic of boldenone, which is lesser, compared to other androgens, is enough to discourage users from using Equipoise in cutting cycle and instead use it exclusively for bulking up. This does not negate the versatility of Equipoise however.
Equipoise should not be perceived to be quick in giving body mass building. It is effective in a sustainable manner that it delivers its results and in weight management program that would last for longer period.

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Equipoise and cardio

equipoise and cardio


equipoise and cardioequipoise and cardioequipoise and cardioequipoise and cardioequipoise and cardio