Eq stack with test

All comparison operators except the containment operators (-contains, -notcontains) and type operators (-is, -isnot) return a Boolean value when the input to the operator (the value on the left side of the operator) is a single value (a scalar). When the input is a collection of values , the containment operators and the type operators return any matching values. If there are no matches in a collection, these operators do not return anything. The containment operators and type operators always return a Boolean value.

Before users can create virtual machines by using CLI, they must contact the Azure Stack operator and get the virtual machine aliases endpoint URI. For example, Azure uses the following URI: https:///Azure/azure-rest-api-specs/master/arm-compute/quickstart-templates/ . The cloud administrator should set up a similar endpoint for Azure Stack with the images that are available in the Azure Stack marketplace. Users need pass the endpoint URI to the endpoint-vm-image-alias-doc parameter to the az cloud register command as shown in the next section.

Eq stack with test

eq stack with test


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