Eq character profiles

This value can thus be obtained in var1 and var2 specified in SAPScript. See the example below on how to access the variables.
The internal table FP_IT_OUTAB contains names and values of the CHANGING parameters in the PERFORM statement. These parameters are local text symbols, that is, character fields. FP_IT_OUTAB is again a structure of type ITCSY, which has 2 components, NAME and VALUE. So in the program, return1 and return2  (which are to be returned to SAPScript), will be stored as FP_IT_OUTAB-NAME and its value will be in FP_IT_OUTAB-VALUE. 
In the example below, we are fetching the address and the input is the document number.
Subroutine Call in the SAP Script form
In the using parameter the document number is given and in the output parameter, all the address parameters which are required to be fetched are given.
                                                 USING &V_VBELN&
                                            CHANGING &V_STREET2&
                                            CHANGING &V_STREET3&
                                            CHANGING &V_STREET&
                                            CHANGING &V_CITY&
Subroutine Code:
FORM get_adrnr TABLES fp_it_intab  STRUCTURE  itcsy       
                                            fp_it_outtab STRUCTURE itcsy.       

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Eq character profiles

eq character profiles


eq character profileseq character profileseq character profileseq character profileseq character profiles