Eq 60 cycle hum

Frequency response: refers to the range of frequencies gear will accurately reproduce from input to output. The average person can hear frequencies from about 20Hz-20kHz. When reading frequency responses, the spec may refer to the tolerance—the maximum level the output will differ from the input. If not specified, the tolerance is probably a standard ±3dB. The spec (20Hz-20kHz ±3 dB) means that for a given input signal, the listed range of frequencies (20Hz-2 kHz) will produce output within the specified range of levels (±3dB). As an example, the frequency response of a Shure SM57 microphone is a vocal-tailored from 50Hz to 15kHz

Eq 60 cycle hum

eq 60 cycle hum


eq 60 cycle humeq 60 cycle humeq 60 cycle humeq 60 cycle humeq 60 cycle hum