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In operation, the DI-Preamp sounded excellent running into a . or a guitar amp with my Martin D-28 fitted with a DiMarzio Black Angel pickup. It’s very quiet too, thanks to having identical FET-based high-impedance circuitry found on the Rosette combo. The DI-Preamp does not have a low-impedance XLR microphone input, nor does it have onboard effects or a headphone jack. As it stands, though, the DI Preamp is certainly well equipped for studio use, or as the “heart” of a custom live-performance acoustic system.

Dr. Daniel Goleman has released a new video series outlining the 12 competencies of emotional intelligence in Crucial Competence: Building Emotional and Social Leadership . The series features in-depth video interviews with Daniel Goleman , George Kohlrieser, Richard Davidson, Richard Boyatzis , and Vanessa Druskat  about how to foster emotionally intelligent leadership skills from an individual and organizational standpoint. It includes research-based evidence to show how EI competences differentiate performance, and specific methods to integrate these findings for effective leadership.

The people who are giving this 1STAR are the idiots who don't know how to use this properly! This isn't a plugin that you want to use everywhere you go. Well not the new 1073 as it will kill your DSP resources really quickly. The reason for that is because it's SO FUCKIN WELL MODELED!

You want to use this on the way in through your Apollo for the Preamp and print it then in every other cases use the Legacy version for EQing. I have an OCTO card as well as a QUAD and I tend to do an 8 Channel summing mix after I've finished my mix. 8 Channels of this and you'll have something very very unique my friends!


Eq 300 results

eq 300 results


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