Eq 2 if i only had a brain

Konstantinos Vasilis Petrides ("K. V. Petrides") proposed a conceptual distinction between the ability based model and a trait based model of EI and has been developing the latter over many years in numerous publications. [34] [49] Trait EI is "a constellation of emotional self-perceptions located at the lower levels of personality." [49] In lay terms, trait EI refers to an individual's self-perceptions of their emotional abilities. This definition of EI encompasses behavioral dispositions and self-perceived abilities and is measured by self report , as opposed to the ability based model which refers to actual abilities, which have proven highly resistant to scientific measurement. Trait EI should be investigated within a personality framework. [50] An alternative label for the same construct is trait emotional self-efficacy .

I’ve had this EQ chart bookmarked for a couple of years now. It’s really helped me to figure out where my “mud” was and why. The “why” is a big deal for me cuz I figure if I don’t understand that part, I’m doomed to repeat. It also helped me to train my ears to what the different frequencies sound like and to decipher them in the mix. I “met” Glen (at Independent)…at home recording a few years ago and he’s a great guy who has probably forgotten more about this stuff than I’ll ever know.
Good find boss…..

Eq 2 if i only had a brain

eq 2 if i only had a brain


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