Basf eq 300

Opening the personalization window is triggered by selecting a link. The htmlb:link tag is used which has implemented an onClientClick event handler. The xhtmlb:tabstrip tag offers a popup menu which includes a personalization link (see screen shot below). However, it requires one more server rountrip since there is no onClientClick handler available. For implementation define a controller variable (. ‘on_personalize’) which is set when the menu entry is selected. When the page is reloaded execute some javascript that opens the personalization popup.

Exposure to these materials should be minimized and avoided, if feasible, through the observance of proper precautions, use of appropriate engineering controls and proper personal protective clothing and equipment, and adherence to proper handling procedures. None of these materials should be used, stored, or transported until the handling precautions and recommendations as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these and all other products being used are understood by all persons who will work with them. Questions and requests for information on Hexion Inc. ("Hexion") products should be directed to your Hexion sales representative, or the nearest Hexion sales office. Information and MSDSs on non-Hexion products should be obtained from the respective manufacturer.

Basf eq 300

basf eq 300


basf eq 300basf eq 300basf eq 300basf eq 300basf eq 300