Astaxanthin dht blocker

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    Thank you James, yes most people underestimate how important the correct pH is for the proper functioning of the body. When we become too acidic all sorts of weird and unnatural things start happening to our body. Good luck getting your body alkalised, it does take time though. Most of us have eaten highly acidic foods for most of our life, so don’t think that adding a couple of extra vegetables will make too much of a difference. You really need to put a lot of time and thought into becoming alkaline again. But it’s amazing how much more healthy you will feel in the process. You can learn more about this method in my course Hair Equilibrium where this is one of the chapters.

    I use to compete in the 90s bodybuilding naturals but then progressed to using some form of T. years later, I’m now 56 years young. I started male pattern baldness young so I don’t really have an issue with it now, but nonetheless I want to save what I do have as I have heard so many negative things about the conversion to the nasty androgens on the scalp. I had been taking saw Palmetto thinking it would save me from what my grandfather and dad had prostate wise. In my move from Australia to Canada I had put on some weight yet my diet was quite clean. What’s causing this I wondered.

    Astaxanthin dht blocker

    astaxanthin dht blocker


    astaxanthin dht blockerastaxanthin dht blockerastaxanthin dht blockerastaxanthin dht blocker