Adding eq to test cycle

I go through the self checkout line so that I can count them myself and see each one go through. If I have to go through the line, I hand them over by groups (such as, all my prego coupons, all my toilet paper coupons, all my bread coupons, etc.) They only take five identical coupons, so that is not as difficult to look at the digital computer screen and keep up with each set. Also, if you take back your receipt, I’ve been given credit for some when I forgot to give them to the cashier. (Check before you leave, or as soon as you get home)

Thank you so much for all your help! I just took the LEED NC exam this afternoon after studying for 1 month on my own, using just the reference guide, my own notes (I’m an obsessive-compulsive note taker), and your website – no classes, workshops or sample exams – and passed! I got a 184, which I am very happy with already. Was a bit nervous because I took no sample exams nor any background in building design or construction, but in the end all the hard work paid off! Thanks again for the terrific help. Such a great feeling! =)

Adding eq to test cycle

adding eq to test cycle


adding eq to test cycleadding eq to test cycle